“I can’t even do the choreography on TikTok!”: Who is Michou, the influencer who participates in “Dance with the stars”?

His surname can be confusing. The youtubeur Michou is one of the attractions of the new edition of “Dance with the stars”, which continues this Friday on TF1. Unknown to the general public, the 19-year-old who bears the same name as the late cabaret man who died in 2020 at the age of 88, is one of those digital influencers that the new generation is crazy about.

“I was shocked that I was offered to participate in ‘Dance with the stars’, but I said yes, because this show is crazy”, told us the young man during the presentation of the program to the press. “In addition I am at zero level in terms of dance, I can not even do the choreography on TikTok”, admitted Michou who counts well “reach another audience” than his. “This show is a real springboard.”

Born October 2, 2001 in Amiens, in the Somme, Miguel Mattioli (his real name) is a specialist in video games who became known through his YouTube channel which has 6.4 million subscribers to date. Benjamin of ten children, he started filming himself at the age of 13 in his bedroom. Over time his notoriety grows and Michou signs in 2020 at Webedia, a French company specializing in online media, where Cyprien or Norman also work.

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In August 2020, he released his first music video, In the club. In 48 hours, it reached 4.5 million views. A month later, the clip Iron accumulates more than three million views in one day. He also released a seven track EP where he talks about his life and fame. “I know people laugh at me a bit, they think they’re going to laugh when they look at me. But I want to shock and surprise them. I can’t go out at first prime!”

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