VIDEO – “Squid Game”: what is this Netflix series that is panicking social networks?

Attention, phenomenon! In the new South Korean series, Squid Game On Netflix, director and screenwriter Hwang Dong Hyuk imagines a deadly game in which hundreds of indebted men and women risk their lives in hardships inspired by the games of our childhood. The goal ? Be the last survivor and earn over 30 million euros.

It all starts with Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father who has lived with his mother, without a real job for ten years. The little money he earns or steals he gambles by betting on horse races, even if it means losing the meager savings that must be used to buy a birthday present for his daughter. Approached by a stranger who offers him to participate in a game, he finds himself confronted by 455 other participants, men and women, all from different backgrounds. And anything goes to survive!

With its games as inventive as they are cruel, questioning the humanity of its protagonists, Squid Game is reminiscent of the saga Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, brought to the screen with Jennifer Lawrence. But also Battle Royale, the cult Japanese film of the 2000s or even Alice in Borderlands, the adaptation of a famous manga released in 2020 also on Netflix.

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Four days after it went online, Squid Game has risen to the top of the world top most watched series on Netflix and has not left since, unheard of for a Korean fiction. On social networks, fans have fun reproducing the events of the series and even making their own tutorials, often very funny. Since mid-September, more than 16 billion videos with the hashtag #SquidGame have been viewed on TikTok.

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