The Microsoft Your Phone app will show you the last apps you’ve used

One of the applications that you can get a lot of benefit from on your mobile is your Phone. The app is dedicated to those who want to control their Android mobile from their computer and the truth is that it is very useful when it comes to productivity. Now, users will enjoy a new functionality such as know the latest applications that you have used recently.

News on Your Phone

Productivity is one of the things that users value more and more. Not only is it important to have a device that you can talk or play with, you also need it to work to a greater or lesser extent. And, in fact, if you need to work with the computer, it may be very useful for you to be able to control the different functions of your terminal without touching the screen.

For that it exists the Your Phone app developed by Windows for Android. There are many who trust this app and today they receive good and very interesting news. It turns out that Redmond have added a new feature that will allow you to see recently closed applications. This may not sound like much to you, but it’s all about seeing the last closed apps on your phone without having to turn on the screen.

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However, not all terminals will be available with this feature and the company has shown a list of those that are. The truth is that it is not a surprise at all and you will understand it as soon as you read the names that they are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  • Serie Samsung Galaxy S

  • Serie Samsung Galaxy Note

As you can see, they are all from the Korean company, and you have to remember that both firms get along very well. We will see if this feature reaches more mobiles soon or if it remains a feature that is only available to users of a terminal in the house of Seoul.