Britney Spears: why she could speak in front of the American Congress

Britney Spears may well go to Congress in Washington for a very specific reason. On her Instagram account, the 40-year-old singer revealed a letter dated 1is December 2021, which she had received from the United States Congress. Members Charlie Crist and Eric Swalwell first congratulated Britney Spears and her lawyer Matthew Rosengart on their recent “historic victories”. “It goes without saying that we have followed your guardianship closely and we are delighted that you were able to both remove your father as guardian for years in September and finally end your guardianship entirely in November “, can we read in the letter.

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An “inspiring” story

If Congress reached out to the star, it’s because they believe she could share her own experience with conservatorship. A legal battle that could prove to be “inspiring”. “Your journey to justice will inspire and empower many others who are unjustly silenced by the guardianship process,” the statement continued, highlighting some issues in the guardianship and guardianship process. “We wanted to personally invite you and your attorney to meet with us in Congress at a time convenient for all, to describe in your own words how you achieved justice,” the letter reads. “There is no doubt that your story will empower countless others beyond the millions who are already inspired by you and your art,” the note added.

“The impression of counting for the first time in my life! »

Faced with this official invitation, Britney Spears said on Instagram that she was “immediately flattered”. “At the time, I was not yet at the stage of healing that I am in now… I am grateful that my story has been recognized, she writes. Thanks to this letter, I understood myself and felt like I mattered for the first time in my life! In a world where your own family is against you, it’s really hard to find people who understand and show empathy! »

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Before continuing: “Again, I am not here to be a victim although I will be the first to admit that I am quite disturbed by all of this. “Britney Spears simply assured that she wanted to help” others in vulnerable situations “. She also explained that she had been afraid during her period of guardianship before evoking her relatives. “Nothing is worse than your own family doing what they did to me,” the singer said. I’m lucky to have a small circle of adorable friends I can count on. The star then thanked Congress for the invitation.

On September 29, his father, Jamie Spears, was suspended from his duties as guardian after thirteen long years. The end of the guardianship of the singer was then officially declared on November 12. Close to her fans, Britney Spears had celebrated this happy news on her Instagram account.