Children of Peña Nieto meet after revelations about Angélica Rivera

Said saw her cry when the model’s current boyfriend Tania Ruiz-Echelmann He was unfaithful at some point in their relationship.

“Let them paint your horn as first lady, my queen, what else do you want, because that was already happening before. What happens is that Angélica said: ‘I finish my position as first lady until the last day of the six-year term,'” he explained. the actress in an interview with the journalist Agnes Moreno.

When asked for the name of the third in contention, Klitbo He preferred not to generate more controversy: “I don’t learn the name of the pr***is, forgive me, why should I remember the name of the girl who made life impossible for my friend. Güerita and said to be from a good family but pr***i after all”.

After the statements of the actress is that today it is striking that the children of Peña grandson They show themselves united, since they are rarely seen like this on social networks. The most recent time was in July 2019 when they celebrated their dad’s birthday.

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