VIDEO – Bilal Hassani: “My appearance is a way to exist stronger and more proudly”

He couldn’t believe it himself. During the first premium of the new season of “Dance with the stars” on TF1, Bilal Hassani, 22, was the only candidate to win the four buzz of the jury thanks to the hair-raising contemporary on Courage de Sia. “I was a little surprised at myself when I saw the performance again“, he confesses to LCI in the interview above.”Because it was pretty. And because generally I’m going to be very critical and I’m not going to enjoy seeing myself too much. But I think we did something we’re very proud of with Jordan. It’s a story that started well.”

In the history of the program in France, the young singer revealed by “The Voice Kids” is indeed the first candidate to try his luck in the company of a dancer of the same sex, the professional Jordan Mouillerac, who had in the past accompanied Hapsatou Sy and Carla Ginola. “The diva Bilal Hassani orders to have a partner and not one, otherwise he will slam the door of Studio 217!“, quips the person when asked if he is at the origin of this very symbolic choice.

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Could I have made the adventure with a woman? It’s possible !“, underlines Bilal Hassani.”This adventure is full of surprises and maybe at one point we will have a trio, maybe I’ll share the floor even a few seconds with a dancer“, he adds, refusing to let us spoiler any further. “On the other hand, it’s true that when I close my eyes, a few months ago, and imagine myself on the floor, I see a dancer.”

Since his participation in Eurovision in 2019, Bilal Hassani has become, in his own way, the symbol of a new generation of French pop stars who hold their difference high. With “Dance with the stars”, he finds a new opportunity to tell the general public his story, that of a reserved little boy who reveals a flamboyant personality as soon as he sports one of his now famous wigs.

Soon with her boyfriend on the show?

I think there is a Bilal, only one, who needs to wake up“, he explains.”The person we see without the wig, the outfit, the makeup, etc., that Bilal exists but very timidly. He sails a little on Earth, he tries to find his place with difficulty. And what I made with my appearance is some sort of armor, actually. It is a way for me to exist stronger and more proudly.

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In the first episode, Bilal Hassani appeared alongside his mother, Amina, who supports him on a daily basis in his career. Will we soon see Cassem, his companion in the city? “I think it can make sense, it gotta make it“, insists the singer.”It’s true that we have a relationship that is still quite discreet. We try to live for each other. He’s not a public figure so I think we’ll have to shoot him a little to put him in front of a camera!“.

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