A young woman tries to prevent her mobile from being stolen and is dragged almost a block by a mototaxi in Peru (VIDEO)

A young woman was dragged for almost a block by a motorcycle taxi after trying to prevent her mobile phone from being stolen in the Los Olivos district, in the Peruvian province of Lima.

The images captured by the security cameras show the young woman with her cell phone in her hands with another person while they wait for the bus on a busy avenue in the sector, suddenly a mototaxi approaches from which a man gets off, looks towards the sides and snatches his cell phone to the young

He immediately gets back on the motorcycle to flee, however, the woman quickly jumped into the unit even though it was already moving. With half a body outside of her, the young woman was reluctant to let them take her cell phone and a few meters later she is seen as she falls from the vehicle and is dragged for almost a block.

Realizing what was happening, two cars try to block the path of the motorcycle, forcing the criminals to get off the motorcycle and run away from the place.

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According to a witness aforementioned by the local media, “the neighbors they burned the motorcycleThey arrested the criminals and called the police.