Death of Belmondo: the homage of the Galabru theater

Monday evening at 7:30 p.m., the director of the Galabru theater in Montmartre speaks. It pays tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, whose disappearance we have just learned. In 1954, Michel Galabru chose Belmondo, a young actor, to go on tour. He plays Courteline and Molière, then become friends forever.

After the tribute, young actors from Plan-de-Cuques performed their play and wanted to testify. “Belmondo, his works, his films and his way of playing are anchored”, “everything is cult”, they claim. It is the same admiration for the public. “He was complete. As well the laughter, the stunts …”, “the stunts he did himself, all that is great”, launch some of them.

In the 90s, Jean-Paul Belmondo goes back on stage. He plays Cyrano de Bergerac. The theater remains his passion. The spectators appreciated his talent. “It was a face, a voice and a presence. So, it’s true that it does something”, “He is really a good person”, “his loss will still be something remarkable for everything the world”, passers-by shout.

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