Jesús Barco is captured at Melissa Klug’s house after rumors of the end of their engagement

The cameras of the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” captured the soccer player Jesús Barco entering the house of the businesswoman Melissa Klug, despite rumors of the end of their engagement.

In images it was possible to observe that the athlete arrived at Melissa’s house in his car and managed to enter the businesswoman’s home without any problem.

“Jesús Barco went to Melissa’s (Klug) house and managed to enter. There he stayed for many hours. We do not know if he is looking for forgiveness, to talk or to get his things out, “commented the host Magaly Medina on her program.

Jesús Barco at Melissa Klug's house.  (Photo: Magaly TV: La Firme):
Jesús Barco at Melissa Klug’s house. (Photo: Magaly TV: La Firme):

Did Melissa Klug and Jesus Barco break up?

Rumors of the end of the relationship between Klug and Barco began in the middle of Valentine’s Day. The businesswoman deleted all the photos of her with the soccer player on social networks and both stopped following each other on Instagram.

Until the closing of this note, public figures have not issued a statement to confirm the end of their commitment.

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