“I’m so ashamed”: Coumba apologizes to Candice after episode 5 of “Koh-Lanta: the legend”

Since the beginning of “Koh-Lanta: the legend”, relations between adventurers have been complex, if not strained. Since the broadcast of the 5th episode, broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1, many fans of the show criticize Coumba for having voted against Candice during the council, in defiance of the alliance between the girls, a fatal choice for the champion of wakeboard.

I was execrable and not correct to you and I’m sorry my doll– Coumba

On Instagram, Coumba posted a long mea culpa on Thursday about his “biggest regret“on this all-stars season.”I am so ashamed of myself. You trusted me and I betrayed you“, she wrote to Clémence.”You were counting on me and I didn’t live up to it. This adventure drives you crazy, makes you lose your lucidity and I haven’t thought about it … It’s been 4 months since we came back from the adventure and there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t regretted my behavior. live on you.”

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I could never make up for what I did but I will do anything to be forgiven and redeemed even if it has to last my whole life“, assures Coumba.”I have been execrable and not correct towards you and I am sorry my doll. I adore you my beautiful, you are so extraordinary. Forgive me.”

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