3 beauty lessons Kate Middleton has given us

What is Kate Middleton’s beauty routine

Yes, we know that even sometimes it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge does not do much for her look because she always looks fresh and natural; but that is precisely the idea, that you look perfect even if you have spent hours in front of a mirror. Here are some of the beauty lessons we’ve learned from Kate.

Perseverance is the key

We have no proof but no doubt either. Kate must have a rigorous beauty routine, in which applying the necessary and corresponding steps for her type is an infallible every day, and that is that perfect skin is not achieved by magic, in fact the secret is in never go to bed with makeup, to do a deep and clear cleaning, to use the products and ingredients that give your skin that care and maximum glow.

It is rumored that he Trilogy brand organic rosehip oil, It is one of the favorites of the royal family, since its main functions include nourishing and repairing. It is also an organic oil that contains golden seeds, helping to improve the appearance of scars and even stretch marks, all while moisturizing and softening.

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Another of the products that have been associated with Kate is the Beauti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir, verifying that she is a fan of oil textures, since they seal in hydration, promoting luminous skin. In addition, among the benefits of this product is reducing redness and inflammation, restoring hydration, improving skin tone and giving luminosity.

Beauti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir

Healthy hair = perfect look

Slightly defined waves are Kate’s favorite style, the proof of this is not only the events she attends, but even her wedding, in which she wore her hair in a half ponytail leaving the part loose with a very elegant effect. effortless. Although yes, on some occasions he has also opted for more elaborate updos, as he did for the wedding of his sister Pippa Middleton.

Royal Wedding - Carriage Procession To Buckingham Palace And Departures
Kate Middleton opted for a very natural look for her wedding day.

What do we get with this? That a wavy hair or gently highlighting waves from mid-lengths to ends may be the perfect option. The stylist Richard Ward He is in charge of combing the Duchess’s hair, although it is clear to us that the main point here is the care he must give it, because even with the sure constant use of heat tools, his hair always looks bright and full of life.

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