Jean-Paul Belmondo, the symbol of an era

The actor had his habits in a restaurant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Café de l’Esplanade. And at his table, the irresistible charm was still at work. “He liked women a lot. He was a real charmer. And then women liked to take pictures with him, it was both ways”, Daniel Menitra, the director of the establishment, told us.

In this time when nothing was really forbidden or inappropriate, Jean-Paul Belmondo delighted millions of fans. “It is especially the time that has changed, it is the gaze of others. The films, we always see them again with so much pleasure, and then it feels good elsewhere. It feels good to see this freedom , to no longer always be in fear of offending anyone “, expressed Laurent Gerra, humorist imitator.

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