VIDEO – The Translator: a dangerous reunion in an excerpt from the film

Ten years ago, the Syrian revolution tried to raise the voice of the people against the regime of its leader Bashar al-Assad. Despite the peaceful nature of the movement, the repression of power was brutal plunging the country into chaos. Directed by Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf, the film “The Translator” takes us back to the first months of this revolution.

The story: In 2000, Sami was the translator for the Syrian Olympic team in Sydney. A slip of the tongue during the translation forced him to stay in Australia, where he was granted political refugee status. In 2011, the Syrian revolution broke out and Sami’s brother was arrested during a peaceful demonstration. Despite the dangers, he decides to risk everything and return to Syria to free him.

In the excerpt that we invite you to discover at the opening of this article, we can clearly feel the danger incurred by the main character, but also by his relatives.

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A work of fiction, but nourished by the experiences of its director couple, Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf, “The Translator” is the first feature film to examine this dark and troubled period in Syrian history. To be discovered in theaters from October 13.

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