The Kremlin tells how Putin reacts to the continuous media reports about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Kremlin condemns and considers the international campaign that has been going on since last November fomenting tension in Ukraine, accusing Russia of preparing an invasion of its neighboring country, to be unprecedented. commented to the press the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitri Peskov.

When asked if there was any guarantee that US President Joe Biden would not set a new date for the Russian “attack” on Ukraine and if it was not time to adjust the schedule of “invasions” spread by various Western media, the spokesman of Vladimir Putin described those reports as a “manic information frenzy” that “shocks the world” and framed it as part of an “unprecedented campaign to stoke tensions in Europe”.

Asked how the Russian president reacted to such posts, Peskov said: “It’s hard to take these things lightly, but sometimes he even jokes asking them to find out. if they publish the exact time“.

  • Speculation about a supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine has been intensifying in the West in recent weeks, despite being repeatedly rejected by Moscow. Reports of an imminent attack have also been refuted by the Ukrainian authorities.
  • The last friday, Politico reported, with reference to anonymous informants, that US President Joe Biden, during a video conference with NATO allies, pointed to February 16 as the starting day of the Russian invasion. For its part, Bloomberg published a note stating, citing “officials familiar with the matter,” that Russia could launch a war against Ukraine on Tuesday, February 15.
  • In the midst of media alarmism, dozens of countries around the world have recommended their citizens to leave Ukrainian territory in recent days.
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