“The Origin of the World”: what if it was the funniest movie of the year?

Jean-Louis (Laurent Lafitte) is doing badly. But really very badly. The regular midlife crisis? A little more than that since while being examined by Michel (Vincent Macaigne), his veterinarian friend, he discovers that his heart has stopped beating. Is it serious doctor ? From this point of departure at the edge of the fantastic, Sébastien Thiéry had embroidered a corrosive farce, directed by Jean-Michel Ribes at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in 2013. Enthusiastic spectator, the actor Laurent Lafitte chose to wear it to the ‘screen for his directorial debut, reserving himself the lead role in what is arguably the funniest comedy of the year.

If the painting of the bourgeois couple that he forms with Valérie (Karin Viard) is tasty, but rather agreed, it is the psychoanalytic dimension of the film that separates The origin of the world ordinary French laughter. To solve the problems of Jean-Louis, his wife takes him indeed to consult Margaux (Nicole Garcia, irresistible), a guru new age which suggests to him a method as radical as it is transgressive that it would be criminal to reveal to you here … Let’s just say that it implies that the patient reconnects with Brigitte (Hélène Vincent), his mother, with whom relations are rather fresh.

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From the only ones on stage who revealed him to his best roles in the cinema – we think of the charming singer of She adores it of Jeanne Herry, to the psychopathic husband of She by Paul Verhoeven but also to Antoine, his character in The Little Handkerchiefs – Laurent Lafitte excels in situations where laughter is dangerously alongside discomfort. Sébastien Thiery’s play offers him an ideal playground since on several occasions, we say to ourselves that “no, not possible, he will not dare?”. And then if. Playing with social conventions, questioning what separates good taste from bad. To laugh at our neuroses too, even if it means pressing where it hurts: it is all the salt of this first film which will never be shown in prime time on TV. So you might as well go see him at the movies, right?

>> The origin of the world, by Laurent Lafitte. With Laurent Lafitte, Karin Viard, Vincent Macaigne, Hélène Vincent. 1h38. In theaters.

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