Creator Studio Facebook: how it works, 6 basic tools

You may have come across the following search ‘Facebook Creator Studio’ today. What’s this? What is it for? Creator Studio is a Facebook service that brings together all the tools What do you need for “Effectively publish, manage, monetize and track the performance of content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.”

And in addition, it also allows you “identify new features and monetization opportunities that you could take advantage of.”

Facebook Creator Studio

For both your Facebook posts and your Instagram posts, Creator Studio allows you to:

  • Edit Post
  • Boost Post
  • Prohibit others from embedding the post
  • Mark post as expired
  • Delete post
  • Change post date to show lower in page bio
  • See stats about Facebook post performance in the content library

Ideal if you are a community manager and want to keep your networks up to date, if you want to start using Creator Studio or just take a look at it, we leave you with the accesses you need:

6 tools to know in Creator Studio


Smart Crop can help you crop and size the aspect ratios of your videos from 16:9 (horizontal) to 1:1 or 4:5. Because it is important? LPeople watch mobile videos inches from their face, often in portrait orientation, rather than holding the phone horizontally. Vertical cropping also takes up more space on the viewer’s mobile screen, grabbing attention and keeping distractions at bay.

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Con Smart Crop, clipping can be done for you using machine learning. The tool optimizes the main topic of the content, keeping it centered and within the frame. Prioritize content that is most likely to grab people’s attention, such as human faces, high-contrast areas, and prominent text.

You can review the reframed video before publishing, compare the reframed version to the original to decide which version you want to publish, and finally publish directly to Creator Studio.

Using Smart Crop allows you to:

  • Save time by manually resizing your videos.
  • Reduce the amount of work it takes to optimize videos.
  • Potentially increase video performance (i.e. improve engagement and keep viewers longer).


Just like Smart Crop uses machine learning to keep areas of interest visible in your crop, Smart Preview, another tool available in Creator Studio, uses machine learning to identify the part of your video that people are likely to find most interesting and cuts it into a 10-second clip.

That clip is added to the beginning of the video (remember, adding a trailer to the beginning of a long-form video is good practice), which can pique the viewer’s interest and keep them watching longer.

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If you schedule or save your video as a draft, you’ll be able to review its smart preview and adjust or discard it before the video goes live. If you want to publish your video immediately, the smart preview will be generated and inserted at the beginning of the video after publishing.


Creator’s Studio Story Clipping Tool allows you to create clips up to 20 seconds long from published videos and share them directly to Facebook Stories. You can select clips manually or use clips suggested by machine learning. The Stories clip will be posted with a “See More” button that will take viewers back to your original video.

This feature can be accessed by going to Creator Studio and navigating to the “Published” tab.


Post testing in Creator Studio allows you to test up to four variations of a post to see which one your audience likes best. You can try different edits of a video, different descriptions, headlines and thumbnails, both default and manually uploaded options. You can also choose the metric that will determine the “winner,” such as 1-minute views, comments, shares, reactions, people reached, and link clicks.

During the test, posts are distributed to a subset of your audience but are not published to your Page. You choose how long you want the test to last. When the test ends, the most successful variant is automatically published to your page.

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The subtitles make the content is more accessible and can capture the attention of people who watch the videos with the sound off. When subtitles are added to your video, they can increase the viewing time and distribution of your video, which is naturally a good practice.

To help you save time, Facebook automatically generates subtitles when you upload your video. By default, auto-generated subtitles are turned on for all your video content, although you can disable them manually at the page level or on an individual video.


While subtitles are generated in the same language spoken in the video, subtitles open up your content to new audiences in other regions and languages, thereby expanding its potential global distribution. When auto-generated captions are turned on, viewers have the option to watch your content with captions in one of the 11 most-viewed languages ​​on Facebook:

  • English
  • Indonesian language
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Hindi
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog
  • brazilian portuguese
  • standard arabic
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Please note that auto-generated subtitles will only work with videos that do not have recorded subtitles, so that the subtitles can be generated automatically through the closed captioning function.