VIDEO – Pierre Niney in “Black Box”: “I have rarely been so knocked out after a movie”

He’s a chameleon actor. After playing a flirty secret agent in OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa by Nicolas Bedos, Pierre Niney slips into the shoes of an acoustician who is investigating an air disaster. What really happened before the device connecting Dubai to Paris crashed in an Alpine massif? While analyzing the content of the black boxes, Mathieu Vasseur will discover that something is wrong. Piloting error? Technical failure? Terrorist act? In search of the truth, he has no idea that he will put his finger in an infernal gear.

I’ve rarely been so knocked out in my whole life after a movie “, told us the actor who delivers a breathtaking performance in this paranoid and anxiety-provoking thriller. “Mathieu Vasseur is a character who has flaws and who asks himself a lot of questions. He is constantly wandering between what is true and what is false, who can I trust, who can I trust? Psychologically, it’s something that really upsets the character, but also the viewer “, admits the actor.

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Like his character, has he ever felt alone against everyone? “Yes, it happened to me in difficult times” admits Pierre Niney who was notably inspired by Edward Snowden. “We think of whistleblowers who have found themselves with a truth to bear, even if it means destroying the rest of their lives.”

Not reassured by plane – “it still weighs 600 tons and it’s not supposed to be that high in the sky for that long at all” – he does not think that this film will worry the spectators. “On the contrary, it may reassure them to see the workings of this industry.”

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