“She smokes them all!” : Clémence is unanimous among fans of “Koh-Lanta: the legend”

Never two without three ? Winner of the show in 2005 and 2018, Clémence Castel started “Koh-Lanta: the legend” in the skin of the woman to be killed, as proved by the many votes she received during the first council during the week last. It was ultimately Karima who was eliminated – before heading to the island of the banished – but the adventurer from Ariège quickly understood that she had no room for error.

Change my two wins, I can’t“, she told our colleagues to TéléStar. “But on the other hand, I can adapt to this situation and fight with my own weapons, play with the cards I have in my hand to try to defend myself in spite of everything..”

This Tuesday, during the second episode, Clémence set the record straight by winning the terrible test of the bow against Jade, setting in the process a new record by keeping more than 42 minutes in balance. Coumba, his self-proclaimed rival, now knows what to expect. On social networks, the performance obviously did not go unnoticed:

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Beyond her sporting performances, Clémence has attracted the favor of viewers by immunizing the discreet Maxime during the council. “With Clémence, we share many common values, in particular simplicity and discretion”, entrusted the candidate to our colleagues from Figaro. “I have always appreciated and admired her, both the adventurer and her background.”

The only one who allowed himself to tackle Clémence on Tuesday evening is Ahmad, the unfortunate adventurer of “The island of heroes” who cracked a tweet which aroused many reactions …

And guess who picked up on Ahmad? Denis Brogniart in person!

If Clémence remains a discreet warrior, favoring sports performance over strategies, her personality has asserted itself over the years. She also admits having hesitated to try her luck again on the show. “And then it turns out that in my personal life, I had to make important choices, to make important decisions and to take responsibility for them.“, she explains to TéléStar.

Last July, the candidate came out on social networks, revealing to her subscribers her romance with Marie, her companion for two years.

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I wanted to experience a Koh-Lanta like this. During my previous participations, I followed the strategies of other people. But this time, I decided to make my choices, assume them, and follow my ideas through“. A strategy that pays off?

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