Leïla Bekhti on the film “Les Intranquilles”: “The director asked me not to lose weight”

“Les Intranquilles” was part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival last July. This September 29, the public was able to discover in theaters this touching feature film by Joachim Lafosse. In the film, Damien (played by Damien Bonnard) suffers from bipolar disorder and is in a relationship with Leïla (Leïla Bekhti). The couple tear each other apart as much as they support each other, and try to remain a family for their son Amine. Damien Bonnard excels with his extremely realistic playing. The character played by the 37-year-old actress is also very complex. Leïla is an exhausted woman who has forgotten herself to take care of the one she loves. A difficult role that the actress holds to perfection. At the microphone of “Europe 1”, she confides in this feature film which she particularly likes: “This film is a popular film, because it speaks to everyone, it is not divisive. I liked the nuanced look brought to the couple by Joachim Lafosse. There is a lot of love and light in “Les Intranquilles”. »Leïla Bekhti was even able to participate in the writing of the scenario, with her playing partner Damien Bonnard. “We really rewrote the threesome scenes (with the director). For the end of the film, which we shot last, Joachim told us that our characters would decide the outcome. We were filming without knowing what we were going to do at the end, ”she says.

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An unexpected request

Regarding her role, Leïla Bekhti admits to having been “exhausted” to play it. “And so much the better, it’s a good sign. I am fifteen pounds overweight. I play a woman who forgets herself. Obviously, I didn’t feel very well, ”she explains. To be in the skin of her character, the actress who has just given birth to her third child has kept her pregnancy pounds. “In fact, the director asked me not to lose weight. What happened was that I had just given birth, so I was overweight and had been 15-20 kilos extra for over two years, so I wanted to … put jeans back on, ”Leïla Bekhti quipped in her interview for“ France Inter ”. “In addition, I was good during these two years, but I wanted to feel differently… And that’s where Joachim Lafosse asked me. He was very delicate, he said to me: “Really, I never dared to ask an actress to gain weight, but suddenly, since you have the ideal weight for the character, do you? can you stay like this? ” », She remembers. Of course, she specifies that the director “obviously” left her the choice to accept or not his request. After thinking about it, Leïla Bekhti gave her consent: “When I got home, I reread the script and I said to myself that it was indeed interesting, even for the viewer. “

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