“We can not say that it is beautiful”: Sylvie Vartan in turn swings on the statue in homage to Johnny

The statue in homage to Johnny Hallyday, unveiled on September 14 in Paris, is decidedly not unanimous. After Eddy Mitchell, it’s Sylvie Vartan’s turn to destroy the work of the artist by Bertrand Lavier, a guitar neck topped with a Harley Davidson.

I saw pictures, it is not a statue. It’s a … motorcycle, we don’t even know if it’s his“, laments the singer in The Parisian. “You can’t say it’s beautiful, but nothing is actually beautiful. Me, I want to remember him beautiful, in his strength, his extraordinary presence, his solar side, his voice“, adds the ex-companion of the rocker.

A new record with Clara Luciani

This is the same reason why she refuses to listen to her posthumous records. “It’s not him, it pains me. I keep the wonderful moments, there were some difficult ones, but oddly enough, life takes care of erasing them. “After singing Johnny herself last year, Sylvie Vartan publishes Thanks for looking, an unreleased record composed by Clara Luciani, Joseph d’Anvers and La Grande Sophie.

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Last week, it was Eddy Mitchell who criticized the statue unveiled by Laeticia Hallyday and Anne Hidalgo on the square which now bears the name of Johnny, in front of the Accor Arena, ex-Bercy. “It’s a disaster, but Hidalgo likes it, ‘our Paris drama’, so it’s good“, had swung the old friend of the rocker at Parisian.

This statue does not evoke anything, it is not Johnny. I’m not in their heads, but I don’t think the fans are thrilled about it. Anyway, I don’t like the places that commemorate, nor the statues, the pigeons shit on them.”

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