Acknowledgment of paternity of Alain Delon: Ari Boulogne’s request sent back to Switzerland

It’s a big blow for Ari Boulogne. French justice confirmed on appeal to be “territorially incompetent” to judge the request for recognition of paternity addressed to Alain Delon, because of his place of residence, located in Switzerland, according to a judgment consulted Wednesday, September 29 by AFP. Aged 58, Ari Boulogne had filed in 2019 an application for recognition of paternity before the court of Orléans (Center-Val de Loire), Alain Delon having a residence in the region.

In its decision of August 27, 2020, the Orléans court declared “the French jurisdiction territorially incompetent”. The Orleans Court of Appeal confirmed this decision in a judgment delivered on Wednesday because “Mr Alain Delon reports proof that his domicile is in Switzerland”, where he has lived since 1984. He has a Swiss passport, “pays taxes on Swiss territory”, “votes in Switzerland” or “gets treatment in Switzerland”, details the judgment.

The court points to the “bad faith” callers “when they claim that this residence constitutes an apparent domicile”. “It is clearly a question of obtaining the application of German law, which is more favorable to the applicants, so that the aim pursued (…) is to improperly circumvent the application of French law on territorial jurisdiction”, considers the court of appeal.

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Alain Delon never wanted to recognize the child raised by his own mother

“In France there is a principle of international law, we apply the mother’s right”, namely the German singer Nico. However, in German law, the prescription does not exist for this type of legal action, explained after the first instance decision Me Christophe Ayela, Alain Delon’s lawyer. “In Switzerland, the law of the complainant is applied”, he had clarified, so the French law for Ari Boulogne. “But if we apply French law, it is prescribed”. Mercredi, Me Ayela se “congratulate” from “wise decision rendered by the Orléans Court of Appeal”. “It is now a closed case in France”, he believes.

In the 1960s, Alain Delon had an affair with Nico, the German singer of the Velvet Underground. From their relationship, a son, Christian Aaron Boulogne, known as Ari Boulogne, was born in 1962. Alain Delon, then aged 29, did not recognize the child. His mother could not take care of him because of his career, Ari was then raised by Edith Boulogne, the mother of Alain Delon (against the will of the actor), then adopted by Paul Boulogne, the latter’s husband. .

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