“The reality is this film”: Marine Le Pen applauds the Marseille thriller “Bac Nord”

Inspired by real events, which occurred in 2012, Tray nord features a team of police officers who cross the yellow line in their fight against the trafficking that plagues the northern neighborhoods. Highly publicized at the time, this case recently gave rise to seven acquittals and suspended sentences for eleven defendants. She will be tried on appeal in a few months.

Marine Le Pen’s support for North Bac echoes the controversy that arose last May during its out-of-competition presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. “Maybe I’ll vote Le Pen after that“, launched an Irish journalist from AFP to the film crew at a press conference, accusing him of representing the inhabitants of the cities as”beasts“.

This is a vision that we still have in the French media: areas where we cannot pass, areas outside civilization, areas where French law must be reimposed.“, he had explained.”The film is great, but there is a problem there. We are in an election year. And I was embarrassed. Really embarrassed. And I was not the only one.”

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Originally from Marseille, Cédric Jimenez had defended himself from playing the game of the far right. “I hope that Marine Le Pen will not pass thanks to me, that would piss me off“he replied.”On the contrary, with the film I have tried to actually relate areas that have great difficulties. Who can appear genuinely hostile. But I don’t think we have to settle that with a radical vote like Marine Le Pen, not at all.

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