VIDEO – Vanessa Paradis: “In the cinema, I wait for some magical things to be offered to me”

Vanessa Paradis is happy. Radiant, even. When we meet her in mid-September, she is still upset by her stage debut in “Maman”, the play that Samuel Benchetrit wrote for her. On the stage of the Edouard VII Theater, she plays Jeanne, a clothes seller who, while waiting for a taxi, is mistaken for a prostitute.

Chance of the calendar, it is also on the bill of This music doesn’t play for anyone, a comedy directed and scripted by the one she married in the summer of 2020. And who had already directed it in Dog, in 2017. This time, she plays Suzanne, a stuttering hairdresser whose husband borrowed money from a little thug to put on a musical comedy on the life of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

It is true that there are projects to which my comrades have access and me not necessarily. Maybe it’s related to my being a singer– Vanessa Paradis

So far he’s the only one who dares to give me such roles“, confides the star.”Roles where I am not expected at all. Comic roles, roles in a certain absurdity. These two, that of Jeanne and Suzanne, are great roles for women. And women a priori far from me, or at least far from what I have already been able to do as an actress.”

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After his Caesar at 16 for White Wedding, Vanessa Paradis could have become an essential face of French cinema. She preferred to choose her roles sparingly, coming back to the fore in 2010 with The Arnacoeur. “In music, I am quite pro-active”, she admits. “While in the cinema, I rather wait for someone to call me and offer me magical things.”

Does she regret not having turned more? “Music really takes a lot of my time,” she says. “Make an album, promote it. After that, I have not necessarily been in the imagination of directors and directors, apart from those who trusted me like Yann Gonzalès or Cécilia Rouaud. It is true that there are projects to which my comrades have access and me not necessarily. Maybe it’s related to the fact that I’m a singer.”

Theater, “it was not a dream at first, but it has become“, admits Vanessa Paradis.”I really like the stage because I like to do concerts, to sing for and with different people every night. The theater, I was afraid to miss the sound and the vibrations. And in fact, it’s exciting, it’s wonderful.”

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Three years later The sources, does the singer have a new album in the works? “I have a record in my head, but it’s not ready at all“, she reveals.” ÇIt will take a little while, but I can’t wait. Being on the stage at the theater every night makes me really want to do concerts, music, sing. It’s in me, always. But I take time.”

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