Nicolas Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron tackle Eric Zemmour, without naming him

Macron and Sarkozy

“Our identity has never been built on shrinking, first names or forms of tension”, said the head of state in his speech. “Our country, our nation was built by two institutions, the State and the language (…) a language whose epicenter today is no longer on these banks of the Seine, but in doubt much more towards the Congo River Basin. “

This is the first time that the Head of State has commented on a position of the essayist. As recently as Monday, traveling to Lyon, he assured that his role was not to evoke “potential” or declared candidates.

If he is still not a candidate for the 2022 presidential election, Eric Zemmour is reacting. Tuesday, it was two presidents, one in office, the other withdrawn from political life, who attacked his rhetoric of francization of foreign-sounding first names. The polemicist has been repeating in recent weeks his intention to“to force people to give French first names” to their children. In his words, “to call your child Mohamed is to colonize France”.

It is in a place of culture that Emmanuel Macron chose to answer him, without ever naming him directly. Visiting this Tuesday of the renovation site of the National Library of France in Paris, the president said he was implicitly opposed to the idea.

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Invited from Europe 1 this Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy also attacked Eric Zemmour, evoking “differences” with the polemicist, but defending his right to express himself in the media.

Still without pronouncing his name, the former president called him, no doubt possible, “symptom of emptiness” of political debate, subject to “the pressure of a single thought”. “The vacuum allows excesses and extremes to take up all the space”, he said, pleading for politicians to provide more“strong ideas”.

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