What is happening with the Tesla? 817,000 Tesla cars in danger due to another failure

A couple of days ago we told you about a security notice that Tesla had made in the United States, withdrawing some 54,000 Tesla cars that had a serious problem of security when stopping at a STOP and other traffic signs. But it is that today we have another call, another notice, and another request to momentarily withdraw several models to fix a bug and to circulate again. But this time it’s not 54,000, this time it’s almost 1 million.

Problems with the seat belts in the Tesla

Tesla Inc. is starting its ninth U.S. vehicle recall in approximately three months depending on the medium Bloomberg, a streak of security-related corrections that has coincided with the fact that lRegulators have subjected the automaker to increased scrutiny.

The last recall is related to a software bug that may prevent the chime that reminds drivers to buckle up. Tesla will fix the issue with an over-the-air update for more than 817,000 vehicles. All Model 3 and Model Y cars, as well as Model S and Model X from 2021 and newer, they have a “software bug” that prevents the chime from sounding at startup if it has been interrupted and the seat belt is not fastened. The problem could be caused by simply closing the door just after exiting the vehicle, according to the recall notice.

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More than 817,000 affected cars

The automaker plans fix seatbelt buzzer failure via update at the beginning of this same month February – the updates for the cars are gathered this month.

The good thing is that again there are no reports of injuries and the visual seat belt alert continues to display correctly. South Korean testers first discovered the problem on January 6, and Tesla decided a recall was necessary on January 25 after an investigation.

Although this pullback is relatively minor, the timing couldn’t be worse for Tesla. It comes just days after a recall for a total self-driving failure, and while the NHTSA is investigating a series of incidents in which cars using Autopilot collided with emergency vehicles. A driver is facing felony charges for an Autopilot-related accident, too.

This adds to the recalls for physical problems such as defects in the camera, the trunk and the suspension. Tesla doesn’t have a stellar reputation for quality right now, and the seatbelt buzzer glitch only reinforces that image. Will there be a tenth call in a few weeks?