The mayor of Rotterdam denies that they are going to dismantle an emblematic bridge so that Jeff Bezos’ mega yacht can pass

Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam (Netherlands), has denied that they are going to partially dismantle the historic drawbridge of Koningshavenbrug to allow the passage to the sea of ​​the yacht under construction of the American billionaire Jeff Bezos, as he declared this Thursday during a visit to Colombia , they inform local media.

The politician indicated that the administration still has not received any request of permission regarding the temporary removal of part of the bridge, for which, he explained, no decision has yet been made on the subject.

Likewise, Aboutaleb pointed out that, in the event that such a request is carried out, all interests will be taken into account, including “the economic one, particularly the maritime reputation of our region, and the technical one: can it be done without harm?” .

can be done in one day

The mayor of the Dutch city assured that, of course, the costs that such an operation would entail would have to be paid by the owner of the boat in question. “I understand that it is election time, but let’s wait until we have made a decision,” he added.

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Elections for new local councils will be held in the Netherlands next March, and a faction of the Green Left political party has already called a emergency advice to address this topic.

Peter Leenheer, owner of the company Bonn & Mees Floating Cranes, which in 2014 handled the renovation work on the bridge – known locally as ‘De Hef’ – commented that removing the central section of the bridge could be done in a single day

A bridge with history

This Wednesday the Rijnmond channel reported that the Rotterdam authorities made the decision to vote in favor of the alleged request despite their previous promises not to dismantle the emblematic structure after completing its restoration works in 2017.

The three-masted ship, which will have a length of 127 meters and will become the largest sailing yacht in the world, it is being built at the shipyard of the Oceanco company in the nearby town of Alblasserdam. The company and Bezos would have requested the temporary dismantling of the bridge and would have promised to reimburse the expenses, since the 40-meter space it offers is insufficient to allow the passage of the ship.

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Opened in 1927, the historic Koningshavenbrug drawbridge was significantly damaged during Nazi Germany’s bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940. In 1993 it ceased to function as a thoroughfare for rail traffic.

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