Maxime eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”: “I’m going to train with Kaplas and Legos for next time!”

TF1 viewers had discovered him in 2019 in “Koh-Lanta: the war of the chiefs” from which he had been eliminated after 34 days of adventure. This time, the experience was shorter since the travel agent was eliminated from Koh-Lanta: the legend from the 5th episode, third of a new ordeal on the island of the banished against Ugo and Clémentine. For LCI, he agreed to come back on his adventure. And the betrayal he feels he was the victim of from the boys in the previous episode.

You feel very disappointed when you leave this “Koh-Lanta”. Is it linked to your failure to face Ugo and Clémentine? Or are you still under the blow of your elimination from the council in the previous episode?

To be honest, neither. If I’m disappointed, it’s because adventure, survival, is my thing. On the island, I was in my element, I love it and leaving so quickly, that’s what is frustrating. As Ugo rightly says, the path to the island of the banished is very, very long, it is one pass at a time to reach the top of the mountain, one test at a time. Unfortunately the second was fatal to me.

In council, the boys turned their jackets over and chose to eliminate a boy. They did not keep their commitment– Maxime

Back to the board last week. Do you feel like you’ve been betrayed by the boys?

Remove the “impression” and you have the right sentence! First of all, remember that in previous episodes, I had to show my feet to join the guys’ alliance. On the beach, we have this discussion where we all say that we are going to vote against Christelle because Phil felt very threatened, very in danger. I point out that with four votes to four votes, it might be a bit fair. And that’s where Claude says: “Coumba, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, it’s my sister, she will vote against Christelle, that will be 5 and it’s good“. But in the council this is not at all what happened: the boys turned their jackets over and chose to eliminate a boy. They did not respect their commitment and when the reds ask what is happening. came by, Coumba speaks on behalf of the boys and says: “There is nothing to say.” Betrayal, it is there.

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These alliances, these strategies… It’s not your thing, right?

“Koh-Lanta” is an adventure strategy game, it should not be forgotten. As soon as there is an affinity, as soon as we get along well with someone, it becomes a strategy because we are going to want to protect that person. On the other hand, I don’t go to “Koh-Lanta” saying to myself “Him, I’m going to make him believe that in order to be able to put him upside down”. I don’t have that trickery.

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Twenty years of Koh-Lanta: the best candidates at the time of reunion

Many candidates put forward merit. But does it really exist under these conditions?

It all depends on the definition we give it! (Laughs). I have mine based on my experience in survival. But a person who has never evolved in a hostile environment also shows merit. Because she pushes her limits, questions her lifestyle. Everyone deserves. And everyone deserves to be at “Koh-Lanta”.

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The ordeal on the island of the banished, you could say that you never found the solution, right?

As I say I don’t think I even touched it. I messed up. I remember that on “The War of the Chiefs”, we had a test of building a column, vertically, and that was not successful for me either. Maybe I have a problem with that, maybe it’s not a logic that I master. Conclusion, I will train with Kaplas and Legos and I will come back more operational on a next “Koh-Lanta”!

Did you dream of settling your scores at the time of reunification?

Generally speaking, I am not a vengeful person. I don’t hold a grudge and knowing that the road was long, I was not the type to cut corners. Even less to make plans on the comet by telling myself “how I am going to be able to turn over or handle such and such”.

Did watching the episodes give you any regrets?

Honestly no. I think if we had been mixed right away, I would have had more “life” before someone voted against me. But this is the only element that could have changed my adventure.

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With hindsight, what do you take away from this 20-year-old “Koh-Lanta”?

I take away first and foremost that I had the chance to play Robinson Crusoe and to do incredible events against adventurers who really challenged me. I have had successes collectively and individually as well. I’m just happy, actually.

You were already an adventure fanatic before doing “Koh-Lanta”. Has being on this show made a difference in your life?

Let’s say that every day there is at least one person who recognizes me, every day there are people who ask me for expeditions or survival courses. It allowed me to publish my book, “Travel diaries, adventure diaries” and to meet Mike Horn who provided the preface. After that it also confirmed to me that adventure is not a passing fad. I used to do it, it’s my passion, my way of life. I love this simple life.

So if we offer you a third Koh-Lanta, will you sign right away?

A fifth, a tenth or a hundredth, I have to go back!

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