3 good reasons to go see “The Translator”, the shocking film on the Syrian revolution


Translator of the Syrian Olympic team at the Sydney Games in 2000, Sami commits a slip that forces him to stay in Australia where he obtains the status of political refugee. After leaving behind his family and loved ones, he rebuilt his life. But when the Arab Spring broke out, 11 years later, he decided to return illegally to the country to save his brother, arrested after a peaceful demonstration …

An (almost) true story

And The translator is a work of fiction, it is imbued with the experiences of its director couple, Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf. After having participated in the first hours of the Syrian revolution, they left their country, with French and American passports. And it is from abroad that they witnessed his descent into hell. Since then, it is through cinema that they carry the voice of their people, making a series of short films, awarded all over the world, before moving on to feature length today.

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An unprecedented look at the Arab Spring

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia… The events of spring 2011 were recounted on the screen, in the powerful documentary Democracy Year Zero electric polar Cairo Confidential. After the upsetting For Sama, which told the daily life of a student during the siege of Aleppo, The translator is one of the few films to alert on the situation of a country where since the protests recounted on the screen, the war has left nearly half a million dead and millions displaced. And where Bashar al-Assad is still in power.

A drama on a human level

To play Sami, Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf called on the actor Ziad Bakri who was already starring in their short film. Our sea. Unable to find inner peace in Australia, he threw himself into the mouth of the wolf when he returned to Syria. Skillful, the staging plunges the viewer into a paranoid and distressing atmosphere as the hero discovers the cancer that is eating away at his country. Note that for obvious reasons, The translator was shot in Jordan but also in Australia.

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>> The translator, by Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf. With Ziad Bakri, Yumna Marwan, David Field. Duration 1h45. In theaters October 13.

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