Audrey Fleurot in “Sept à Huit”: “You have to cultivate your difference”

Impossible to miss her. After the success of HPI, Audrey Fleurot is playing Lies, the TF1 series on consent with Arnaud Ducret. The flamboyant red-haired woman who was very successful looks back on her career in “Seven to Eight” this Sunday. “We have a lot more head on our shoulders when it happens to us at 40, we know how this environment works”, immediately admits the one who is now one of the essential French actresses.

A success all the more remarkable since Audrey Fleurot is an atypical actress. A word that has followed her since her childhood. “I was plump, I had braces, glasses. All with 10 to 15 kilos too much”, she recalls. “I have minus twelve so without the lenses I could not have done this job! When you are redhead, either you try to be discreet, or make it a standard and you claim it. Capillary, I looked for myself enough a long time. And even if it means being sighted, I said to myself, go for neon! “.

Against a current

It was thanks to her father, a firefighter on duty at the French comedy that she discovered the theater. A revelation. She trained in classical theater, but was not attracted to the roles of young premieres. “I didn’t want to be fragile!” Against the grain, and unlike her colleagues, she does not snub television. “There was a theater snobbery with respect to TV which has diminished considerably and I think it’s great. Thanks to the advent of series, there is more porosity than 20 years ago. “

It is thanks to television that Audrey Fleurot has made a name for herself: Kaamelott, Engrenages, A French Village, The Bazaar of Charity then HPI. Chameleon actress, even if she has often played poisonous and sulphurous women, she refuses to be locked into a role. We will see her soon in The Fighters, the period series of TF1 which takes place during the First World War.

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Still against the grain, in May 2016, she posed nude in the front page of Lui magazine. “It was a personal challenge. If the 14-year-old had been told she would be on the cover of His one day … I did it for myself, to harmonize myself with those years which were really difficult. (…) It was psychoanalytic. ”

My son is very happy. I’m not there all the time, but when I’m around, I make up for it. – Audrey Fleurot

And if Audrey Fleurot has the image of a femme fatale, the reality is very different. “It’s funny to embody that because it’s very far from me”, admits the one that relatives describe as a kind, cash girl, a little tomboy. “I think I have higher than average testosterone levels. (…) I also have a companion who works at home and babysits when I’m on the road. It’s a pattern. which exists, but which is traditionally reversed “.

Mother of a 6-year-old boy, she can’t stand being blamed for not always being present on a daily basis. “We always focus on the mother and I’m a little fed up because we wouldn’t do that with the father. My son is very happy. I’m not there all the time, but when I’m around, I make up for it. . (…) I am stronger for events than for everyday life “, launches the actress who has made her own path. “Instead of trying to fit into the mold, it’s better to cultivate your difference.”

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