The spectacular Silk-based Marvel Cosplay

Seda, one of the most recent Marvel characters, has a spectacular Cosplay that has left fans amazed.

There are many spider heroes in Marvel Comics, as we see in the animated film of Spider-Man: A new universe. All of them are extraordinarily interesting, but in recent years the character of Silk has appeared, who has one of the coolest designs we’ve ever seen. A design just as cool or more than that of Spider-Gwen, another recent female character that has drawn a lot of attention.

But today we come to talk about Seda and to show the amazing Marvel Cosplay that Chunlienn has carried out, as he has shared on the social network Reddit. An image made in a spectacular photo session. Take a look at her transformation into the spidery heroine from the comics:

Silk Cosplay (Marvel)

What do you think? The truth is that the result of his characterization is magnificent. The last similar Cosplay we saw was that of Spider-Woman and we thought it was just as cool.

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The origin of a character emerged in the recent era

Silk was created by Dan Slott Y Humberto Ramos in the year 2014. His real name is Cindy Moon and, when she was young, she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave powers to Peter Parker. That is, it has the same powers as Spider-Man. However, unlike Peter he was unable to control them. The key difference in her abilities is that Cindy’s webs are organic, occurring on her fingernails.

A man called Ezekiel Sims he trained Seda in the use of his powers in the Marvel comics. Later, he locked her up for seven years to protect her from Seascape. Spider-Man learned of his existence in Original sin and released her from her imprisonment. Now free, Cindy is a New York vigilante and superhero, fighting solo or alongside Spider-Man when she has a crossover. Apparently, he will have his own television series in Amazon Prime Video coming soon, although this is not confirmed.

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