Proposal for a law on the end of life: “Vote as quickly as possible”, pleads Line Renaud with the deputies

She returns to the fight. Line Renaud was in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon to defend the right to die with dignity. She urged deputies to vote for a text on the right to euthanasia. “As godmother of the Association for the Right to Die with Dignity (ADMD), I am counting on you to vote as quickly as possible. This is essential progress that should no longer be prevented”, said the actress and singer alongside several deputies from all parliamentary groups including Olivier Falorni (Freedoms and Territories), at the origin of a bill debated last April.

“Your presence is an extremely valuable sign of commitment”, greeted Olivier Falorni, who took the opportunity to put pressure again on the executive, while denouncing the“obstruction of a quartet of reactionary deputies”. Despite broad support, his bill opening up a right to “a free and chosen end of life” had not been able to be adopted in the face of thousands of amendments tabled by a few LR elected officials and a time constraint on April 8th. In May, some 300 members from all sides, more than half of the National Assembly, called on Prime Minister Jean Castex to put the bill on the agenda.

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Having lived free and worthy, I can’t imagine dying in chains and coercion– Line Renaud

“On April 8, you had to examine a very important text, capital even, because it affects our most precious good, freedom, our ultimate and sovereign freedom, that to die with dignity”, continued Line Renaud who returned with emotion her personal experience. “I shared very difficult ends of life”, confided the star, evoking the disappearance of her husband Loulou Gasté as well as of her mother. “She said to me: ‘Line, do something’. They left in great suffering “, she lamented.

“Having lived free and dignified, I cannot imagine myself dying in chains and constraint. If our life belongs to us, so must our death”, she exposed. “This text is suspended and can come back to the National Assembly at any time and I hope we can vote on it quickly”, commented Olivier Falorni, who welcomed the support of “the most beloved woman in this country”.

Barring an improbable twist, this text has little chance of being taken up by the government to be put on the Parliament’s agenda by the end of the legislature, the executive treading on eggshells on a subject perceived as politically flammable.

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