“True story with” on Prime Video: “It’s a story never told but told like never before”

They swore to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Left hand raised, Pierre Niney, Teddy Riner, Isabelle Adjani, Julien Doré, Tony Parker and Adèle Exarchopoulos have agreed to deliver an incredible but true moment of their life in “True story avec”, the comedy series of Prime Video which returns for a second season on September 30.

“It’s a story never told but told like never before”, summarizes Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, one of the six shock interviewers from the crème de la crème of social networks and responsible for collecting the secrets of celebrities.

I knew that Pierre Niney was going to tell a love story that takes place in Russia but that’s it– Natoo

Natoo, already present in the first season, Lena Situations, Bilal Hassani, Fatou Guinea and Emy LTR complete this cast which has more than 110 million subscribers on Instagram and 12 million on YouTube. Personalities of the net among the most authentic who have dropped all the filters to question those who have been willing to lend themselves to the exercise.

The result ? Six episodes of about twenty minutes 100% good humor, where the stories often seem to have been invented for the occasion. “Except you can’t doubt because there was evidence to back it up every time, with photos. They are such iconic personalities. They themselves are already amazing, why their lives are not. wouldn’t be? “, points out Emy LTR.

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Each anecdote is illustrated by “a short film with actors who will interpret all the protagonists of the story”, specifies Natoo who was able to draw on his experience from last season. “There, I knew the questions that were going to be used. We must insist on the small details, the descriptions of the characters, their way of speaking, the weather forecast, the time, the date, everything can count”, she explains. Before entering the set, the influencers only had the name of the personality as well as a sentence that very roughly summarized what was going to be said. “I knew that Pierre Niney was going to tell a love story that takes place in Russia but that’s it”, she recalls.

“You arrive, you are in absolute vagueness”, agrees Bilal Hassani who preferred not to read the notes communicated by the production. “With Fatou Guinea, we were totally blind. Sometimes we were spoken to in the headset in ‘haven’t you read the brief?’ And no!”, he has fun, proud to be part of a much more team girl power than the previous one in which Natoo collaborated with McFly and Carlito, Cyprien, Norman Thavaud and Ludovik. “They chose the right boy to accompany the girls. See the concept reborn with such a female cast, too. empowered, also cool, it got me too hot “, he enthuses.

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Fatou Guinea, soon in the credits of season 2 of the series Valid on the world of rap, prides himself on having used his “mytho detector”. A clue ? If the person in front of you isn’t blinking, that’s a pretty bad sign… But not all interviewers have the same tool. “Unfortunately, I’m not like Aya Nakamura who ‘sent les mythos’. Me, I’m a bit of a dough and I want to trust life, maybe a little too much. If so, the guests totally lied and I don’t know “, Natoo smiles. Before concluding : “At the same time they swore, so when you swear you can’t lie”.

>> “True story with” – season 2: six episodes from September 30 on Prime Video

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