Eden Ducourant, in “A perfect mother” on TF1: “It’s a fiction that disturbs as much as it questions”

Remember his name. In A perfect mother, Eden Ducourant plays the role of Anya, a young student suspected of the murder of a rich heir with whom she spent a night. Convinced of her innocence, her mother, Hélène (Julie Gayet), will do everything to try to exonerate her. Before discovering with amazement that his daughter hides her secrets well.

Barely 25 years old, Eden Ducourant delivers a remarkable performance in the mini-series soon to be broadcast on TF1. Very committed – she took part in Angèle’s music video Balance your what and co-directed the clip #RegardeMoiBien for La Fondation des femmes – the young woman, who cut her teeth in many series (Alice Nevers, Braquo, The Red Shadows, For Sarah), tells us more about this role which deeply marked her.

Anya looks like me because we are both parts of a generation in search of meaning– Eden Ducourant

What made you want to star in this fiction?

Above all, the scenario. It’s a very gripping psychological thriller, coupled with a family drama about the consequences that an event can have on loved ones. I also liked the fact that the series says a lot about society, whether it is about education, parenthood, the place of women and youth. It’s a story that disturbs as much as it questions.

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Anya’s character is very complex. Was it interesting to play?

I loved playing Anya because I find her both touching and scary at the same time. She really has a multiplicity of faces, she is elusive. We do not know on which foot to dance: is she guilty or innocent? She has a lot of daring, but also a very touching fragility and form of wandering.

It is not an easy role. How did you prepare to play this?

I worked a lot upstream with a coach to meet my character and know his truth. It allows you to be more free on a set. I also watched a lot of movies. I like to be inspired by actresses like Romy Schneider or Gena Rowlands in A woman under the influence. But also Shira Haas, who stars in Unorthodox, and who has incredible looks or even Jessica Biel in The Sinner.

Does Anya look like you?

When I’m in front of a character, I always try to see what connects me to him, even if what interests me is to explore things that are far from me. Anya is like me because we are both parts of a meaning-seeking generation. She is a modern heroine, a girl sensitive to injustices and to the problems of this world. With this series, I discovered that I also had that in me. I tell myself that it’s up to us to move the lines.

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Women are more victims of verbal and sexual violence than men– Eden Ducourant

“A Perfect Mother” is also a fiction about lying. Do you really know your children and people more generally?

Yes, it is a story of crimes and the unspoken. Do we really know the people or do they wear a mask? And it is all the more unsettling when it comes to relations between children and parents. It is very important to listen to your children, to establish a dialogue. But education is a very complicated thing …

Julie Pretty says it’s more complicated to raise a girl in this society. You agree ?

Yes, I think it’s more complicated. The figures are there: women are more victims of verbal and sexual violence than men, even if it also exists. We do not necessarily feel safe, whether in the street or elsewhere. But the word is freed and I think that there is still a saving and protective solidarity that is created between women. There is a general awareness.

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What are your projects ?

I will soon be showing Totems for Amazon, a series that only takes place in the 1960s, and I’m shooting at the moment The Fighters, another series of TF1 on the role of women during the war. I have a staging project in the theater as well as a co-production project for Crips, a regional association which fights against HIV to raise awareness about serophobia. I also wrote a series that I’m trying to sell to a producer.

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