For Belmondo, “it was the public that counted”, according to Alain Terzian

For Alain Terzian, the national tribute that will be paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo on September 9 is the least of things. “It’s the size of the character and I especially hope that it will be open, in part to the public because Belmondo had a sacred respect for the public”, he declares on LCI. Invited by Élisabeth Martichoux, the producer and former president of the Académie des César paid tribute to the actor, who died on Monday at the age of 88.

A popular hero

“He is the illustration of the new wave. He has an incredible presence”, he explains, remembering his legendary role in “Breathless” by Jean-Luc Godard. “It’s the nature of man that takes over and it’s something impressive because we see an icon in total freedom. We have the impression that we are improvising the dialogues, but no.” For the producer, Belmondo is, beyond the icon that he was able to become, a popular hero and proud of it. “The critics, the intellectuals … He had a lot of respect, but a lot of distance. He said that in the end they could say what he wanted, he didn’t care. Because in the end it was the public who counted “, says Alain Terzian.

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Thus, the producer claims that he has never complained of being so little rewarded for his career. “He wanted to be in the hearts of the people. And he was well beyond the French borders, all over Europe. It was beyond imaginable and that was what he wanted. “

Jean-Paul Belmondo, a man always smiling

Beyond his acting skills, Alain Terzian also remembers a man of incredible reserve, despite the difficult times he went through in his life, including the death of his daughter, Patricia, at the age 40. “He considered that he owed himself to his audience and therefore that he had to have a smile, to have hellish fishing, a steely morale and never to share his miseries”, explains the producer.

Alain Terzian thus remembers a serious accident which had not succeeded, again, in erasing Belmondo’s smile: “He had to hang on to a helicopter while being on a truck bed that was traveling at 140 km / h. The chopper did not take off and he was thrown from the truck. He was smashed. He was lying on the ground on the stomach. You had to lie face down to talk to him. But he was still laughing. “

“He didn’t flaunt his life or his feelings. He played one movie a year basically and he cultivated the idea of ​​scarcity and modesty. People loved him for that.”, he assures.

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