REPLAY – Primary environmentalists: the debate of the five candidates scrutinized by our Auditors


Éric Piolle regretted the planned obsolescence of certain products which pollute the planet. The candidate for the primary environmentalists thus took the example of a washing machine whose “life expectancy” ten years ago “was ten years”, against “seven years” today.

This figure is directly from a survey by the association Halte à obsolescence programmed (HOP) and the start-up Murfy, an expert in the repair of large household appliances. According to this work, published in September 2019, “in eight years, the lifespan of washing machines has decreased by 30% (from 10 years in 2010 to 7 years in 2018)”.

However, the manufacturers of these products contested the methodology of this report when it was published. In fact, they noted that he was analyzing two separate studies, which cannot be compared. Namely one carried out by the Group of brands of home appliances (Gifam), and the other only relating to observations of the Fnac-Darty group. However, the methodology for these studies is not the same, as Camille Beurdelay, Gifam delegate general, noted in the pages of the Parisian. The first asked for the age of the previous washing machine, supporting invoices, while Fnac-Darty was satisfied with declarative data. However, “we know that, from memory, the lifetime is always minimized”.

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