What happened in space the day you were born: NASA reminds you

Celebrating birthday is what we usually do when the calendar marks the day we were brought and brought into this world. It can be a mass event if you are a Celebrity or Influencer, or it can be something very private that you celebrate in privacy with your loved ones. But, be that as it may, the day you were born something always happened out there, in Space. And that is what this web page is about that we want to discover for you.

NASA photos of your birth

In 1995, this thing called ‘Internet’ already existed, but it was not yet for global consumption or permanent dictation of our lives as it is today. 27 years ago, the Internet was something for the ‘Geeks’, for experts and for those who could afford a connection to the Internet together with the necessary equipment for it -not everyone had a PC at home at that time, the only way to connect online by the way.

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But in that era of Internet 1.0, not a few companies and organizations were seduced by the Network of Networks. And one of them was NASA, which just a year earlier, in 1994, he opened his website. And a year later, starting in the middle of 1995, he started doing something that he has kept uninterrupted for almost 30 years: Upload a photo or image of (or related to) the Space each day.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

It all starts on June 16, 1995 with an image with ridiculous quality and resolution today, but high for the time, and a message: “The sky is full of stunning images, many of which are available online. Every day we present a different image from some part of our fascinating universe, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.”

And so it has continued, showing for example the lights of the United States at night on June 17, 1996, the Milky Way as seen from just 5 kilometers away on January 4, 2008, or the spiral galaxy NGC 3310 visible the fateful September 11, 2001.

So if you want to see what image or photo NASA uploaded highlighting a significant fact the day you were born, just enter here and scroll looking for your exact date. The only problem is that if you are over 28, you will not see anything by the date NASA started this project. An uninterrupted project despite everything that has happened in these 27 years.