Vietnam Horror. Cosmic terror in a terrifying war

In the midst of the Vietnam War, the jungle transports American soldiers to a horror ancient, and more powerful than man.

Leviathan Labs lands in Spain with a war work of cosmic terror. Massimo Rossi, known in our country for his foray into the work of Robert E. Howard with The barbarian King, and medieval Japan with Gaijin Salamander, relies on the art of Vito Coppola to show us a world buried in the stones and roots of the Vietnamese jungle, a power beyond humans and their knowledge of the world.

Wars have always been scenarios for the study of human beings, their strengths and weaknesses, the great war stories have filled black and white pages, and the screens of minutes and hours of images. Always cruel and unfair, it has been the perfect setting for great human stories. And one of the most powerful primal feelings is fear.

Vietnam Horror brings together two genres, gradually allowing the dark and sinister tone of what was one of the darkest wars to make its way to a parallel universe, where ancient powers rebel against that parasite that cannibalizes their lands and their followers. . As if it were a Lovecraft story, Massimo Rossi guides his characters through palpable reality to an unknown and terrifying world, where men are only a moment in the life of unknown beings, endowed with inexplicable powers that attract what lies deep within the human psyche, and paralyze it.

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Rossi plays with few elements, so that the atmosphere and rhythm catch the reader, and they immerse themselves in a world that initially seems recognizable but changes, mutates, into something strange and dangerous. With clear influences from Lovecraft’s cosmic terror, but also Conrad’s heart of darkness, perhaps closer to Coppola’s adaptation, Francis and not Vito the cartoonist, who brought us a strange and dark world that transforms man, in the middle of from the jungle.

Coppola, in this case Vito and not the famous director, is in charge of transforming Rossi’s words and mental images into images, into sequences, into a complete story. With a defined style, with more black pros than gray, with shadows that hide everything that the human eye avoids seeing but cannot stop looking at, the Italian builds an explicit story of horror and violence, and not only in terms of monsters. external, because the worst, go inside the human being.

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The first two works of the Italian label Leviathan Labs came from the hand of Karras. In this new work they are the ones who publish their comic, with a format very close to that of the young Spanish publisher. With Vietnam Horror they begin their journey in our country with a more than correct horror comic that will please fans of the genre and surprise those who approach it without preconceived expectations.