You’re done cheating Wordle, Twitter removes the Bot account that spoiled the word

It is the viral game of the moment. The vast majority play it daily and, if you have social networks, you will surely see how some of your contacts have published their results in Wordle, an online game of guessing a hidden word in six attempts that its creator programmed to entertain himself and his friends , and which has become an absolute trend. And it could not be easier to play and also the thrill of having only 6 attempts to guess it.

Wordle bot

But as always happens with everything viral, there are people who want to get a slice and another who simply wants to annoy. And on Twitter there is a bot account -a fake automated account- called The Wordlinator that was becoming popular. Why? Well, because this bot was dedicated to spoil the word that game fans had to guess the next day, just past 24 hours of the previous game.

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The Wordlinator also sent offensive language comments to players announcing their Wordle achievements through their lyric board posts. And we speak in the past because it is already history, A few days ago Twitter removed it and therefore the spoilers are over.

Deleted due to spam?

Although the social network has not made official the reason why it has suspended this account, its behavior has violated one of its rules of use. This is because the automation rules section includes that you should not “spam, harass users, or send them unsolicited messages.”