For Ben Whishaw, the interpreter of Q, “the James Bonds will survive only if they reflect their time”

Who will be the next James Bond? The subject has aroused passions, as Daniel Craig prepares to play Her Majesty’s favorite spy for the fifth and final time in To die can wait, in theaters in France on October 6. This 25th installment of the saga will see the return of Ben Whishaw who plays Q, the man behind 007’s gadgets since Skyfall, in 2012. At the time, the British actor had brought a breath of freshness to this character interpreted for more than 30 years by the legendary Desmond Llewlyn, who died in 1999, then by the ex-Monty Python John Cleese.

The succession was heavy“, explains the person concerned to LCI.”But as a theater actor, I’m used to playing roles that others have performed before me. My thing is to play them as if no one has played them before. Of course I am aware of what has been done. The image of my predecessors is in my head, but I try to push it as far as possible and bring something of myself.”

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If we want the character and the franchise to continue, this has to change– Ben Whishaw

When asked who the next James Bond might look like, Ben Whishaw doesn’t close any doors. “There have been 25 James Bond films now. Which is an extraordinary amount! If we want the character and the franchise to continue, this has to change“, he pleads.”For me, the James Bonds will only survive if they reflect their time. Otherwise they will end up looking like a museum piece. Personally, I am very open. I am open to everything. The more imaginative it is, the more radical it will be and the better it will be. It’s not for me to make the decision, but I think I’m as curious as everyone else.”

An opinion that contrasts with that of Daniel Craig. In an interview given a few days ago to Radio Times, the actor rejected the idea of ​​a James Bond played by a black actor, even by a woman. “Why should a woman play James Bond when one should find roles as good as James Bond, but for women?“, pleaded the actor.

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Asked this Monday by the BBC, producer Barbara Broccoli assured that Daniel Craig’s successor would not be chosen before 2022. “We want Daniel to enjoy his moment. Only next year will we think about the future“, she insisted.

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