Vaimalama Chaves attacked by a gang of young people in Paris: the ex-Miss France files a complaint

She is not going to let it go. The former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves revealed on Instagram on Saturday that she had been the victim of an assault in the streets of Paris, a few hours earlier. Authors ? “A gang of less than 18 years old, therefore not reprehensible, but that is not normal. Why should we be silent? Why should we suffer?“.

After receiving pebbles “for fun“, the young woman confronts one of her attackers:”They have gathered around me, about fifteen young guys who have no value, whose parents seem overwhelmed, whose values ​​are nonexistent. About fifteen guys to whom I would have painted the portrait if I had known how to do it“, she gets carried away in one of her stories.

If any assault happens to you, say so. Let everyone know what’s going on because it’s not your fault– Vaimalama Chaves

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In another message, Vaimalama Chaves explains that he started filming his main attacker to show the images to the police. To his surprise, the agent taking his call will downplay the facts. “It’s okay, she only received pebbles“, one would have launched to him.”No sir, I did not receive ‘only’ pebbles“, will retort the young woman.”They tried to steal my phone, they had fun throwing me (pebbles – editor’s note) more when I left. They surrounded me when I tried to call 17.

A little later in the evening, Miss France 2019 finally announced that she had filed a complaint: “Things will not stop there. If I have experienced this and I have been able to show it to you, thousands of others suffer the same and worse and say nothing. Silence does not take place. to be”, she writes. “If any assault happens to you, say so. Let everyone know what’s going on because it’s not your fault.”

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