Marvel turns Spider-Man into a villain

Marvel comics have turned Spider-Man into a villain, in a surprising and totally unexpected twist.

After the last number of The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Comics, Ben Reilly will choose the path of evil. He’s going to become a mighty villain instead of just another spider vigilante in New York. After having replaced Peter Parker, who has been in the hospital for a while, Ben Reilly took up the mantle as Spiderman and was hired by Beyond Corporation. However, we have known for a long time that this company has hidden and mysterious motivations. And, in addition to new revelations, they seem to be teasing the superhero’s dark turn.

As this new story progressed, the new Spider-Man has had a very difficult time with Beyond Corporation. The daughters of the dragon they have also been working for this company, functioning as Ben’s trainers.

In number 85 of the regular arachnid series we see Doctor Octopus declaring war on Beyond Corporation due to the acquisition of his assets when he founded Parker Industries. More concretely, Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker. In doing so, Doctor Octopus ends up revealing the compromising reasons why Ben was chosen as Spidey.

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Ben Reilly’s manipulation by the Beyond Corporation

In the new story The Amazing Spider-ManBen learns that he wasn’t hired because of his personality, but because of his ability to be manipulated into Beyond’s business plans. Backed up with evidence and psychological profiles, the new Trepamuros mentally unbalanced. We are talking about the fact that, in addition to his problems, he is considered “feeble-minded.”

What he doesn’t know is that the Beyond Corporation is run by powerful and strange space gods outside of reality. In fact, when Ben hits a mirror, his reflection looks at him with a hole that replaces his face. Is Ben Reilly turning into a villain? Because it has all the looks…

Check out the exact moment from the Marvel comics!

Spider-Man as a villain in Marvel Comics

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