Steam Deck already has a release date: so you can claim yours

Steam Deck It already has a release date. The emails to complete the reservations will start to be sent from February 25 at 19:00 (CET). Shipments of the first units will begin leaving Valve factories from the 28th of the same month. From the company they clarify the steps you will have to take to get yours. We answer all your questions thanks to the shared information.

How and when will you receive the mail to buy your Steam Deck?

As we said, the emails will start to be sent on February 25 at 19:00 (CET). These emails will be sent to the address of the Steam account where you deposited your Steam Deck. Valve will release mail waves in the same order that pre-orders were made. The rhythm will be weekly, as currently indicated by the company.

you will have a within 3 days (72 hours) to make the purchase from the date of receipt of the mail. If time passes and you have not responded, you will lose your position in the queue.

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How much is Steam Deck shipping worth?

You do not have to worry: shipping costs are already applied to the final price from Steam Deck. When you go through the purchase gateway, the deposit you made during the reservation will also be deducted.

Will you be able to buy more than one Steam Deck model at a time?

Negative. At this time it is only possible to order a single model Steam Deck (the one you reserved).

When will the embargo on units for analysis end?

Valve claims that “soon” they will send analysis units to the media. The information embargo will be lifted on February 25, although they anticipate that the community must be attentive to “the advances and the opinions that may appear until then.”

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