Repsol denies a new oil spill reported by the Peruvian authorities

Lima, Jan 26 (Latest) .- The Spanish company Repsol denied that there has been a new oil spill in the sea of ​​the Lima province of Callao, which was affected on January 15 by the spill of some 6,000 barrels of crude of the La Pampilla refinery, as reported on Wednesday by the Peruvian authorities.

The alleged new spill was previously reported by the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement News (OEFA) and by the Peruvian Navy.

However, Repsol ruled it out and maintained that during the work carried out this Tuesday on the infrastructure located 18 meters below the surface of the Callao sea “a controlled outcrop of remnants of the spill on January 15 was generated.”

“These works are carried out based on the procedure approved by the competent authority and are part of the investigation actions on the incident,” the company said in a statement.

Shortly before, the OEFA reported that it had started “a supervision process” after receiving the report that the new spill occurred on Tuesday at the Multibuoy Terminal 2 in La Pampilla, in the district of Ventanilla, in Callao.

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He added that the Supervisory News for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) reported that the spill had occurred “when work was being carried out prior to the removal of the PLEM (Pipeline End Manifolds), which is an underwater collection and distribution equipment that allows the passage of hydrocarbons for reception or dispatch”.

The OEFA assured that it will verify “responsibility for the events, the impact generated and the implementation of the contingency plan by the company” and that “it will promptly report the results of the actions it has been carrying out.”

In response, Repsol assured that the Osinergmin has “publicly communicated” that “this outcrop was contemplated, for which reason the containment barriers, absorbent elements and skimmers (marine cleaning equipment) had already been installed in the area. as a security measure.”

With these measures, he said, “it was possible to control the hydrocarbon” and confirmed that the refinery’s Multibuoy Terminal 2 “has been inoperative since January 15, so it is ruled out that it is a new oil spill.”

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Previously, the General Directorate of Captaincies and Coastguards of the Navy had also reported that after “appreciating an oily stain” in the vicinity of La Pampilla, Repsol informed them that “it would be oily residues from the same hydrocarbon” dumped on 15 January.

The Navy indicated that personnel from the Captaincy of the Port of Callao “are verifying the magnitude of the event” and that they will activate a contingency plan “for the supervision of the mitigation works” that the oil company must assume.

On the 15th there was a spill of some 6,000 barrels of crude oil into the sea from a ship that was unloading oil in the pipelines at La Pampilla, and which over the days has spread to more than 1.8 square kilometers of coastline and 7.1 square kilometers of sea from Lima and the province of Callao.