VIDEO – Eiffel: “How a forbidden love changed the skyline of Paris”

If “Eiffel” is a romance with the construction of the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, the film, without being a biopic, strives to remain in a historical reality. We know that Gustave Eiffel lived a great love affair with Adrienne Bourgès when he built “La Passerelle St-Jean” in Bordeaux. While a wedding was announced, it was called off by decision of Adrienne’s parents. In full preparation for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, Gustave refused the metal tower project proposed by his engineers, but ended up changing his mind without explanation and embarking on this crazy project. It is still unclear why he changed his mind.

Romain Duris plays Gustave Eiffel alongside Emma Mackey, discovered in the Netflix series “Sex Education” and Pierre Deladonchamps. Expected for several months, “Eiffel” will be on screens from October 13.

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