Sorghum: the cereal on the rise in France

From a distance, it looks like corn, but on closer inspection, it is sorghum that we harvest that day in this field in the middle of the Yonne. This tropical plant needs warmth and doesn’t mind a lack of water. In France, nearly 90% of crops are dependent on rain. In the event of drought, harvests are often catastrophic. For the past 3 years, Thierry Quartier, a farmer in Champlost, has replaced part of his crops with sorghum. For an income barely less than what it could earn with corn with half the water, sorghum limits damage during droughts and requires much less tractor use in the fields.

In Africa and Asia, the cultivation of sorghum is ancestral for food. It is the fifth most cultivated cereal in the world, but we are not used to finding it in our countryside and even less on the menu of our dairy cows. While the surrounding meadows have been dry since mid-July, the herd of Adrien Heraud, breeder in Razines (Indre-et-Loire), can still feed in its green pastures, because it is not grass. , but sorghum. Faced like many with repeated droughts, this resistant plant is one of the solutions for this dairy farmer.

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