“The Voice All Stars”: the delirious show of Frédéric Longbois amused the coaches “like crazy”

No chair has turned. Corn “the moment of magic” promised by Frédéric Longbois was there. One of the most eccentric artist in the history of “The Voice”, he marked season 7 of the program with an unforgettable cover of “Bécassine” by Chantal Goya before reaching the semi-final.

“It was quite unexpected”, he comments as he returns to the stage of the show for his All Stars edition. “Coming back here gives me a lot of joy (…). I really have the impression of being with my family”, underlines the singer of 57 years who will deliver a service as crazy as moving.

With or without pineapple, it always makes me so happy to see you again– Mika to Frédéric Longbois

Came “to give happiness to children and grown-ups”, he made his own one of Annie Cordy’s most cult hits. On “Cho Ka Ka O”, Frédéric Longbois makes the show even in its staging. Behind his piano, he takes off his sequined jacket and reveals a shirt with colored sleeves, as well as a rather indescribable accessory hanging on his back and composed of flowers and pineapples. Mika gets up and goes to dance in front of his comrades, making them turn around without himself pressing his buzzer.

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