All the devices that Apple plans to launch in 2022: iPhone SE 3, low-end iPad…

If we analyze Apple’s announcements over the last few years, we see that those of Cupertino follow a specific pattern:

  • In spring the company releases updates to its smaller or add-on products.
  • In summer introduces new software and holds its developer conference.
  • In autumn It is when we see the heavyweights hit the market, such as the iPhone of that year, coinciding with periods of strong spending component such as Black Friday and Christmas.

And based on the latest data, Apple is planning a very hectic fall for this year.

Up to 9 devices in the fall

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman lists all the gadgets you think Apple will release this fall based on private sources, and the list is long. According to the analyst, “I am told that Apple is preparing the widest range of new hardware products in its history for this fall.”. In fact, “my reference list includes”:

Some of these devices, like the iPhone, typically launch in the fall every year, so it’s no surprise. But it would be the high volume of new Apple devices that would be concentrated in a period of just 3 months. And while it may seem like there’s nothing left to launch for the rest of the year, Gurman says Apple is likely to have an event in March or April, where it will likely launch a new iPhone SE, which It would be the third review of Apple’s ‘low cost’ smartphone, and (possibly) a new iPad Air.

iPhone SE Third Generation

According to the analyst, The iPhone SE will have a similar design to last year’s model, but with a faster processor and 5G support. As for the iPad Air, Gurman says that it will probably have the A15 chip, the same one that the iPhone 13 has.

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Confirming this a bit, always from the perspective of information that does not come directly from Apple, in the regulatory records of Russia nine new iPads have appeared, Which could mean that Apple plans to release more than just an update to the iPad Air in the spring—although it’s more likely that “the iPad Pro arrives in the fall.”

By last, the Mac mini and iMac could also get an update (with Apple’s new M1 Pro chip) in the spring. Will these data be true and will 2022 be the year that Apple launches the most new hardware in a single period? Well, it will take time to see it, although spring and that possible iPhone SE 3 are not so far from being confirmed or denied.