Kate Middleton: what she has planned to celebrate her 40th birthday

Kate Middleton will celebrate her 40th birthday on January 9. Far from having planned a lavish ceremony, the Duchess of Cambridge will celebrate her birthday in all sobriety, surrounded only by a restricted list of guests. Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti spoke about Kate Middleton’s plans for the festivities. According to him, the event should be reduced due to the progression of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. “There is no containment in place, but there is some opposition to large gatherings, explained the specialist to “Us Weekly”, Wednesday, January 5. This is something that people may not think is the best thing to do. »

A discreet birthday dedicated to his family

The expert thus underlined that the royal family wanted to “show the example to others”, by organizing a celebration in a small committee. “So even on a big birthday, like her 40th birthday, and even if she is who she is, she will surely choose to do something less consequential,” he explained. Duncan Larcombe, another expert on the royal family, also made some assumptions in the British media “ Mirror “. “Kate and William aren’t ones to run away to celebrate on their own and leave their kids at home,” he said. I think Kate’s birthday will be like Christmas, it will be low key and all about her family. “Before concluding:” I will be really surprised if she announces anything. It’s not her type first, and then the palace would like to avoid comparisons with Meghan. »

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On August 4, 2021, Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday with her family and around sixty guests. Prince Harry pulled out all the stops by ordering a luxurious Poesies and Sugar tiered cake. The Duchess of Sussex also posted a video on the “Archewell” site to promote one of her new initiatives, entitled 40×40. In the images, Prince Harry’s wife staged herself with her friend Melissa McCarty in an effort to help unemployed women reintegrate into the labor market.