Hot Toys Releases Preview of Robert Pattinson’s Brutal Batman Figure

Hot Toys has shared a couple of videos featuring Robert Pattinson’s Batman action figure and it looks spectacular.

The Batman is the first blockbuster of 2022, and with such a huge hype, all eyes will be on the dark knight to see whether or not it tops Marvel’s latest global box office hit.

In the coming weeks, we expect to see much more from the movie, and the merchandising kicked off today with a couple of teasers for the upcoming 1/6th scale collectible action figure of the Batman from Hot Toys. As you can see, it seems that the company will launch both the Dark Knight and his motorcycle, although they will surely launch the one with the riddle, Catwoman and the Penguin later.

It’s also worth noting that many companies have been releasing toys featuring Batman in that red lighting from the first trailer. Hot Toys doing the same thing wouldn’t surprise us, but the most exciting part of this eventual reveal will be getting a much better look at the new Batsuit.

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The new suit looks very different than previous iterations, so we’re curious what surprises it has in store for us. You can see the preview of Hot toys below:

Batman finds the Caped Crusader in his early years, struggling to balance anger with righteousness as he investigates a disturbing mystery that has terrorized Gotham City. Robert Pattinson delivers a raw and intense portrayal of Batman as a disillusioned and desperate vigilante awakened to the realization that his consuming rage makes him no better than the ruthless serial killer he’s hunting.

Along with Pattinson they star in the film, Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon; John Turturro as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Barry Keoghan as Officer Stanley Merkel; Jayme Lawson as Mayoral Candidate Bella Reál; with Andy Serkis as Alfred; and Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot.

The Batman will open in theaters on March 4.

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