Märtha Louise from Norway would she no longer be under the spell of her guru?

The daughter of King Harald V of Norway, Märtha Louise, has just celebrated her 50th birthday this Wednesday, September 22. A birthday that she celebrated surrounded by her family and friends, in her native country. “I think it’s nice to be 50,” she said in an interview with NRK television. The princess continued, “My dad says age is just a number, and he’s more experienced than me, so I believe him. If Märtha Louise seems very fulfilled, the absence of one of her relatives was noticed this Wednesday. His companion Durek Verett was not present for his 50e birthday. The shaman, with whom the eldest sister of Prince Haakon has shared her life since 2019, nevertheless sent her gifts: a bracelet and a gold ring. “I wanted to give her a piece of jewelry that represents friendship and love, it’s garnet stone,” he told “People”. But why was he not present by her side? The princess did not mention the reasons for this absence.

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The couple no longer move in together

Would the couple’s wedding plans be called into question? In 2019, the princess wrote on her Instagram account: “When you meet your soul mate, you know it. I was lucky enough to meet mine. The couple, separated during confinement because Märtha Louise had remained in Norway and he in the United States, had planned to settle together after the pandemic. They were both planning to move to Los Angeles. Last August, they were even spotted visiting homes in Beverly Hills. But it seems that living together is no longer on the program. “I have no plans to move yet. Everything changes all the time with the Covid, and we have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I live day by day. For the moment, I am in Norway ”, affirmed the princess in her interview for the Norwegian channel. A choice that does not announce anything good for the marriage of the two lovers.

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